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The Seven Up Series

The “7 Up” series is often described as the best documentary ever made. Starting with a one off program in 1964 it explored the future of British society through the lives of a group of 7 year old children. Seven … Continue reading

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Carrot or Stick?

Carrot or stick? Which is the teacher’s best friend? A word in season, A well timed smile, A friendly nudge, will melt ice soften frowns and make hearts, minds and hands willing and wanting to learn.

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Parents and Education

Yesterday we had our first Parent Teacher interviews for the year. One of the outstanding characteristics of these interviews is that these parents are passionately concerned about their children’s success. They want to partner with the teachers to enable their son or … Continue reading

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Report Writing Time

The discordant output of youthful recorder players wafts in through the open windows; Students busily tapping keyboards  and scratching pens on paper; Older students regretting the wasted evenings; Others rushing to teachers’ offices in a last minute flurry;  Teachers with stress … Continue reading

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Family Disfunction and Teach-ability.

I have been reflecting lately on the task of the teacher and how it has changed in the last 40 years. The most dramatic change in that time has been the growing instability of the family. I recognise that the … Continue reading

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The New Conspirators: A Review

The New Conspirators: Creating the future one mustard seed at a time, Tom Sine, IVP 2008. In 1980 Tom Sine challenged western Christians in the “Mustard Seed Conspiracy” to use their wealth in small seemingly insignificant ways to make a real … Continue reading

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15 Reasons Why Christian Education is Important

Sound Christian Education takes the Bible seriously. Truth is seen as absolute. Christian Education believes a Christian worldview can make a positive difference. It gives students a strong foundation in a world of shifting values and morals. Christian Education recognizes … Continue reading

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Who Made the Moon Part 2

 A continuation of my short review of Sigmund Brouwer’s book I encourage Christians to read this book and struggle with his ideas. He challenges us to know our science before we make uninformed comments which make us look foolish. He makes a … Continue reading

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WHO MADE THE MOON:  A Father Explores How Faith and Science Agree by Sigmund Brouwer In this articulate book the author sets out, for his children’s sake, to show how science and the Bible agree. It is a journey fraught with pitfalls as both … Continue reading

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