4. Interstate Journeys

Two journeys that were bigger than the others were the moves interstate – one to Tasmania and the other to Queensland.


It was a hot summer’s day in Melbourne as we headed to the Princess of Tasmania for our little family’s journey to Kingston Beach in Tasmania. A little cottage was waiting for us and a job at Calvin School. It was a time of learning – for all of us. How to be a mum and a dad, how to teach in a Christian school, how to live in a new community… and in 1979, how to live with a third daughter.

In Tasmania we bought our second house. It was a little timber holiday house on a small block of land: 6 Rollins Ave Kingston Beach. It was a home – one of those places that you warm to immediately. At one time we bought a block of land in Kingston to build a larger home. We even had a plan drawn up, but due to the move to the RTC that never eventuated. These years, from a family perspective were idyllic. Sometimes in the rougher moments of life I wondered why we ever left. Then you realise it was a time and place that could never be repeated.

A reflection I have written on returning to Tasmania can be found here:  https://pieterstok.com/2011/11/02/tasmania-beauty-and-retreat/


Early December 1983 we bundled the family into an old Toyota Crown and headed to Queensland with only a few dollars in our pockets. But he promise was: the land of “milk and honey” would provide. After a stay in West Wyalong and spending our last few dollars in Goondiwindi on chips we finally concluded our epic journey in Inala.

That was the start of just over 6 years in Queensland and by the time we left we had added two more girls to the clan and were made wiser with the experience of the death of a baby son.


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  1. Was it the Princess of Tasmania? I thought it was the Empress. Could be wrong though…

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