5. Sarah

I can’t remember the first time I saw my future wife. But I do remember when I first noticed her. It was at Youthclub ( a rather dated concept now) she liked poetry and some of the same singers I did – such as Cat Stevens.

With most journeys you have a destination in mind. But relationships are different – it is more of a meandering and then at a certain point you realise that the two of you are on a mutual journey.

There are stories about noses, pies, scarves, utilities and station wagons but I’ll leave them. Our strengthening sense of a mutual journey reached a point when I assumed we would get married. This assumption was not challenged. So we did.  The journey continued.

Why does a relationship work, or a marriage? It takes a lifetime, in fact, two lifetimes to find out. When we said, “Until death do us part,” we meant it. This also meant that when issues arose we couldn’t run away – as much as one would like to at that moment. However, in the struggle comes the closeness. In the resolution comes the singleness of purpose, direction and hope. Most of all, it was the third strand in the cord of three strands, the strand of faith, forgiveness and restoration that comes through Christ that enabled, and still enables, a relationship to grow, blossom and thrive.





2 thoughts on “5. Sarah

  1. Without the three cord strand, it never works all right.

  2. Love your wife as Christ loves the church, also try not to hold a grudge for long.

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