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While reflecting on Reformation day and the contribution of Martin Luther I was reminded of the fantastic resource that the Christian History Institute is. Over the years I have used their resources in my teaching, both in churches and schools. One of my favourite resources has been their “Reformation Overview” which uses clips from films to look at key players in the Reformation.

If you have not explored their material I encourage you to do so. They have a wealth of valuable information on the history of the church – people and events. Their website has links to magazines, articles and films from the apostles to current times.

For example: this is an article on Luther’s early years.

There is material for all ages. In an age when we have tended to lose sight of those who have gone before us CHI keeps alive the marvelous work done by the saints who have paved the way.

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Reformation Day – Five Years to the 500th Anniversary

The Luther Monument in Worms on a wet day

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