Travels from Ur

Welcome to my eclectic web pages on family, faith, recollections and aspirations. In this jumble of ideas, I invite family and friends to add their thoughts, recollections, ideas and other insights. Just go to the chapters or sub chapters listed above that you may be interested in.

Explaining the title …

It is very presumptuous to compare oneself with the patriarch Abram/Abraham, but in a very real sense we are all on a journey of faith. We all believe in something – even if it is in ourselves or the non existence of God.  For me, the presence of the Christian God has been a reality from before I was born. However, that does not in itself make the journey of life easier. In fact, it creates challenges, traumas and conflicts – oftentimes with no one else but yourself. This blog  reflects on this journey: physical, spiritual,and emotional.

I will add pieces and edit chapters over time.

In Christ


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2 thoughts on “Travels from Ur

  1. Dear Pieter,

    If you remember me my name is Leon Kolberg I used to go to Church in Mansfield when you was preaching. Now I am 80 years old and am on old age pension, and I go to Presbyterian Reformed Church in Pallara (State School hall) John de Vries is also going there.

    I was thinking about you and asked some people about you but they did not know. So I thought maybe I will find on internet by searching on Google, and I think I found you.
    I would like to hear from you and what are you doing now, are you still a pastor in church?

    About myself, I sold my house in Morningside and live now in Tingalpa. My children have grown up got married and I have grandchildren. My son Bruno is flying Qantas Airline (Captain pilot) and my daughter Lili lives in Adelaide, and my son Peter (47) lives with me.

    I am also busy with my work on computer mainly making tracts for our church, I also have my website on Open Forum transcripts which was sent to me while I was monitoring Family Radio on short-wave radio in 1980 ties. There are some good questions and answers on spiritual matters in the happy days by Harold Camping, but he is now 86 years old and has gone funny, as you maybe have heard about Harold Camping’s doomsday prediction did not eventuate on 23rd of May 2011.

    I case you would like to have a look on my website click on
    Also you can search on Google type in “Leon Kolberg open forum”

    God with us
    From Leon and my wife Katarina

    • Zigmas Burksaitis

      Leon K
      What has happened to you ? I did not hear from you for ages. Why ? Please, please reply.

      Zigmas Burksaitis

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