God’s Imagination & Our Lack of Imagination

“For you created all things
and by your will they were created
and have their being” Revelation 4: 11b

In this fast food, fast service, impatient generation, it is easy to simply skim over Scripture to get a quick “fix” for the day: a pep talk to keep us going. When we take time to sit, ponder, reflect and digest God’s Word, it can transfix us and in a very positive sense, overwhelm us. Revelation 4:6-11 is just such a passage.

The imagery is immense. We get the strong impression that the apostle John struggled to grasp the enormity of his vision as he put quill to papyrus.

However, it is the second half of verse 11 on which I want to concentrate. It tells us that all created things have their existence through the will of God.

Think about it! We exist because of God’s creative imagination. In contrast, how puny and pitiful is our rebellion and defiance! Even our most amazing scientific discoveries, our peering into the universe, our understanding of the brain, nano technology and so on, are simply examples of us being able to enter into a minuscule part of God’s imagination.

All the things we discover, should in fact remind us of God’s incomprehensibility rather than our self imagined magnificence.

In contrast, our response should be the same as John’s and that of the 24 elders. That is, we should bring worship, adoration and praise. Not, as we modern people so often tend to do, and treat God with arrogance, ridicule and rejection. Really, our modern attitude is a picture of how small our minds and imagination are in comparison to the majesty and magnificence of God.

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