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Saturday ~ it must be Barcelona.

I’m currently sitting outside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This morning we have been at Gaudi’s Guell Park a place of weird and wonderful shapes and architecture. The place was jam packed. I was thrilled that at the gate a couple of men were handing out tracts declaring that Jesus is risen. When I encouraged them they told me in halting English that they were evangelicals. Praise God!

Spain appears to be a deeply religious country. The cynic would say that if you drove like that you need faith; in yourself, the other driver and luck! The churches we have been in have been full. However we have sighted very few teenagers, children and younger families in church. That is not a good sign. My overall impression is that Spain is going the secular way of northern Europe.

The overt signs of faith, such as churches and crosses in each village, is not matched with a vibrant reality. My visit is fleeting, but there is much to pay for in this country.


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Some Favourite Photos of the last Two Weeks

Here are some of the photos that encapsulate the last two weeks. For some reason, WordPress on iPad has jumbled them up. But I hope you get the drift.












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