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Church Bells In Orebro

I can hear the morning church bells in Orebro, central Sweden. This doesn’t signify as much as one would hope. Christianity is now a fringe activity – relegated to the quaint customs department.

When we were in the Ostersunde museum a few days ago, one of the Swedes with us, an older man, constantly reminded the guide that Christianity was a living religion in Sweden, because she tended to speak of it in historical terms.

This morning Hetty and I read Psalm 37. This Psalm is a powerful reminder that the people of faith will be victorious, even though the enemy may seem strong. Here in Sweden, secularism and Islam seem to be the strong “faiths”.

In every church I have entered I have prayed for the leadership and congregation. May the time come again, when the bells ring out a vibrant and living “Hallelujah” to a faith in Christ that is widely embraced. Now it may seem a dream, but Psalm 37 reminds us of the victor and victory.

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