Blessed to be a Blessing

… and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you. Gen 12:3b

When Abram (later Abraham) was told by God that he was “blessed to be blessing”, Abram was one of the few people with whom God had had such a close and personal encounter. In fact, throughout the Old Testament only a few prophets, priests and Kings encountered God in such a personal and immediate way.

We learn from Romans that it was Abraham’s faith, enabled by the Spirit of God, that enabled him to be that blessing and become the “father of many nations” but most importantly, a crucial and fundamental link in the coming of the Messiah – Jesus.

What people like Abraham, Moses, David and Samuel indicate is what the divine power of God is capable of when unleashed in His people. At Pentecost that power of the presence of God was poured out on the whole church – not just a selected few. All God’s children have his presence and therefore this amazing potential.

I say “potential” because so often we live like OT people who only knew of the presence of God vicariously through a prophet, priest of king. Too often we live outside that presence of God.

My constant challenge to myself and my fellow believers is to live in the power of the presence of God. Church history has many examples, past and contemporary: From the saints tortured under Nero, to missionaries who forsook and still forsake all, to serve God and many, many more who faithfully serve God wherever He has placed them.

So my question is simple but profound: Do you live in the power of the presence of God’s Spirit in your life? Can your neighbors see in your words and deeds that you serve the King of all creation? Is your life advancing God’s name? That is a daily challenge. Living the challenge is true joy!

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