Little Errors Big Trouble

I have been re-reading old posts and I came across a reminder of how important proof reading is.

Travels from Ur

I have discovered that writing posts on an iPad in a tent can be dangerous. My usual poor spelling and grammar is exacerbated by the small print and the predictive text. A few months ago while we were on the Camino in northern Spain this got me into trouble when I was writing about my wife, Hetty. The predictive text changed it to “hefty” without me noticing … and I didn’t check the spelling carefully. My “friends” who read the blog all made sure my wife became aware of my error, many adding, that they didn’t think it was a real error. One of daughters, however, who has since been upgraded in the will, suggested I was referring to my rucksack.

Apart from finding out who my true friends were it is also a good illustration of the power of sin. “For we all have sinned an fall short of…

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