Jesus the Shepherd

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— John 10:14

If we enter into the metaphor of John 10:14 and we think of ourselves as sheep and Jesus as the shepherd there can be an amazing sense of realisation – especially when we add Psalm 23 to the mix. Jesus my shepherd leads ME, protects ME, guards ME, searches for ME, rescues ME, finds good and nourishing places for me to feed and drink …

It is easy, as adults, to think of ourselves as intelligent, capable, wise and articulate. However, John 10:14 reminds us that really, in contrast to our shepherd, we are none of those things.

God give me the wisdom to follow you humbly, to hear and listen to your shepherdly voice obediently, and when I do stray, pull me back gently – or, any way you see fit.


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