The Grandeur of God

“The World is charged with the grandeur of God.”

Gerard Manley Hopkins

This weekend Hetty and I walked along sections of the Great Southern Walk near the 12 Apostles. When you look with the eyes of faith you can find God everywhere – from the rugged and ragged cliffs to the tiny beautiful birds foraging in the wet grass. (Don’t ask me for their names – I wouldn’t have a clue). At night, in the pristine darkness you can only get when you are clear of the large cities, the heavens do declare the glory of God (Psalm 8 ) and one reflects on one’s own smallness in the face of such sparkling majesty as the stars twinkle from lightyears away.

The secret rhythms of the waves, the mysterious layers in the strata of the cliffs, the signs of a petrified forest, the tiny beautiful flowers that hide in the rugged scrub, the natives animals burrowing and foraging … the signs of the hand of God are everywhere.

For the Christian it is a helpful reminder of our God whose sovereignty rules over all things big and small. However, the best things is, that as His child, I have, and you may have, a special place, purpose and destiny within that vast creation of His!


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