Do You Love Me?

“Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” John 21:15-17

Jesus looks you in the eye and says, “Do you love me?” but then adds, “more than these?”

His warm but firm gaze is on you. You can’t escape his eyes.

Is your response the same as Peter’s? “You know I love you.” Is it true? Is it unshakeable? Will it stand the test of temptation, persecution or, more likely, ridicule?

And what about, ” … more than these?” Are “these”, other people or are they things, self-esteem and prestige that clutter your life? Either way, do you love Jesus more than “these”?

As Peter is being restored to his relationship with Jesus, he is also being prepared for the hard task of Kingdom work … the hard task of being Christ’s hands and feet when Jesus returns to heaven.

Against this backdrop, Jesus looks at you and me with his penetrating eyes and says, “Do you love me more than these?”

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