Back in Santiago

Back in Santiago. Due to 3G problems I’ll write some catch up blogs later. But for the moment there is free wifi in the bus station. We have walked up hill and down rocky dale for over 120 kms with our heavy backpacks. Finally we are here and have earned our Compostellas. But I have much to say about that in the future.

We went to the Cathedral which was having a service but it was inundated with tourists. As we were leaving there was a medieval procession coming down the street. White and black hooded people in bare feet dragging chains were in front of a Pieta like statue. It was somber and bleak.

Last night we stayed in a seminary. Hetty said it was like being an orphan at St. Augustine’s. It was a large dorm with rows of beds and vey noisy plumbing.

There is much I want to reflect on. The good, the bad and some of it down right ugly. However in the meantime, I want clean clothes and my own tent with my own bride next to me.


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