Mirror, Mirror

iPhone, iPhone

Webcam, Webcam

My heart darts like a cursor,
a mouse move on a monitor,
but my heart is a “blue” screen.
Who or what can I trust?
Are my friends really “friends”
Is a” like” really  a “Like”?
My home is the 
A paradise of Apps
all about me.
But why … ?
Can I even trust myself?
Will my “Profile” or “Gravatar” please?
Why is the mirror/iPhone/ screen
so awful?
Do I really look like that?
Will my friends still “like” me?
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6 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. The internet is a whole new level of experience for all of us & you put all that into prespective in a wonderful way! Thanks for this.

    • I just listen to the young people around me. It becomes scary at times. Thanks for the feedback.

      • You can say that again, Pieter. I have this teenage niece, she is such a marvel to behold with these stuff & sometimes I wonder if we didn`t somehow feed it to her through the milk bottle we all gave her.

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  4. LOL. So True.

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