“Poetry Sucks” a poem for Rohan

“Poetry sucks!” a plaintiff voice cries.
“That is your first line,” I respond.
Why do we fear

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plucking words and phrases
and arranging thoughts,
pains and pleasures
on paper or a screen?
What is the “horror”
Created by poetic lines?
Why cringe at rhyme or verse,
metre or metaphor?
Let your heart speak
your anger and hope,
and your pen scribble
your love and hate
or the keyboard
the tremors within.
“Poetry sucks …”
at my feelings
and flows through the
straw of my pen …
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3 thoughts on ““Poetry Sucks” a poem for Rohan

  1. My first thought was, why would a poet say “peotry sucks”! But the end was very unpredictable, creative and beautiful!

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