What Do You Remember?

What are your earliest memories? I asked myself that question the other day. In a bit over week’s time I turn 62 years young and so I began reminiscing about my earliest years.

Here are some memories up to the age of 3 and a half years:

  • Sitting under a desk listening to the warm conversation of adults at my grandparents’ home.
  • Visiting a great grandfather whose false leg was standing in a corner – that made quite an impression.
  • Visiting the barber who had a jar of lollies/sweets behind the counter.
  • Sitting on the grass in a local square reading a picture book. (This one is reinforced with a photo of the event)
  • Checking my aunt’s pocket with my foot as she was holding onto me and hugging me to see if she had brought me a treat.
  • “Reading” Bible story books and having them read to me.
  • Being separated in child care from my parents on the migrant boat to Australia.

There are many more but these are a few that stand out. The overwhelming emotion that comes from remembering these is security and warmth. I was loved by my parents and my extended family. What a privilege that was and what a joy to remember! I hope that my children have similar memories.

It also leads to me to think of the great number of children today for whom those early years are not surrounded with joy, but in contrast, with pain and neglect.

When you cast your mind back to your earliest memories, what comes back to you?

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8 thoughts on “What Do You Remember?

  1. My memories are not happy. My memories are of terror, alcoholic parents, abuse, and fear of beatings. Before I was five my parents had tried to kill me three times. My pastor once asked me, given my past, how did I become such a good parent. I told him it was easy. I thought about what my parents would do and did the opposite.

    Hoping your day is blessed.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I like the way you have taken that experience and used it to your own advantage. Too many people replicate the negative and continue the history of abuse. God bless.

  2. One of my earliest memories is being 4 or 5 and getting to line up youngest (me) to oldest in the hallway on Christmas morning. I always felt special getting to be the first one into the Living Room and the first to see the presents. Years later I realized that being older and taller, my brothers got to see them at the same time; but it felt special at the time. LOL Thanks for asking and Happy Birthday a week early!

    • The important thing was that you were first! It is funny what we slowly realise as we get older. Our interpretations and our parents’ intentions don’t always match. Thanks for the best wishes.

  3. corrie

    Cute photo

  4. corrie

    I loved to go to the shop once a week with my parents to spend my thrupence I would get a whole bag of lollies including the red umbrellas. Now I run the school canteen and once a week the kids can come and choose and buy lollies. They get to work out what they want and how much they need to pay. Where else can you do that these days. But I can’t sell umbrellas, teachers say too much food colouring to deal with in the classroom.

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