Tassie Resting

We camped overnight at Narcissus Bay. The views are stunning: lake, mountains, majestic trees and friendly wildlife. The Pademelons were quite inquisitive There was only one other person there. In the morning after we had packed up our hiking tent one of the incoming hikers found a black snake sunning itself close to where had slept for the night. At least we got a good night’s sleep – in sweet ignorance.

We took the ferry back to the Visitors’ Centre. What took us 7 hours to walk was only a 40 minute boat trip back.

We then drove to Strahan via Queenstown. Today has been a recuperation and clothes washing day. This will enable us to be near each other and not choke.

1. Tasmanians seem intent on dragging boats from one end of the island to the other. And if they are not pulling a “tinnie” they are hauling a load of firewood.
2. In the future Tasmania will sink by some metres due to the weight of all the camper vans in the state.
3. The amount of road kill is quite staggering. In some places we counted up to half a dozen Pademelons, Possums or Tasmanian Devils in a kilometre stretch.
4. The Roads’ Department could save thousands of dollars not putting up “Winding Roads” signs. That is a given for every Taswegian, and for overseas arrivals they need only one sign as you get off the boat in Devonport.



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