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God’s Protection

If you are like me, you are quick to complain when things go wrong. I don’t always vocalise these grumbles but God must be only too aware of my grumbling heart.

God’s eternal care really came home to me on our recent trip to Tasmania. God reminded me that He takes care of me all the time. Even when I am oblivious. I am always “in his grip” (as a fellow blogger describes himself).


Narcissus Bay, Lake St. Clair, Tasmania

After a strenuous hike my wife and I pitched our hiking tent in, what seemed at the time, a suitable location. We slept there that night. At one point in the middle of the night I left the tent to take care of “necessities”. The following morning as my wife was making breakfast I packed up the tent. A short while later a fellow hiker, whom we had met a day earlier, passed through and said “Hi”. After a chat she continued on her way. A few seconds later we heard a scream. We jumped up and ran to find out what was going on. Our hiker friend had spied a black snake.  When she described where it had come from and where it had gone she pointed to where we had pitched our tent that night as its place of origin.

As danger lurked around us we were ignorant. On how many other occasions in my life has that happened?

I only grumble about the problems and struggles that I see, but how much more should my life be a hymn of praise for all the blessings, protection and care that God bestows moment by moment!

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