40 Years Today


The two of us in front of the autumn vine (mentioned in the poem the other day) May 11 1974

In the last two posts my wife and I have reflected, in poetry, on our 40 years together. I wondered at how quickly the time had passed but she thought more about the significant events enclosed by our marriage.

It made me ponder more deeply. In this time I have seen friends divorce and others tragically lose a partner. So I must praise God for keeping these two unique and stubborn individuals together and safe throughout those 40 years. Then I dug a little deeper and thought about the person that I was 40 years ago. To be painfully honest Pieter Stok, 40 years ago, was a naive, self centred and arrogant person. I can hear some of my friends say, “What’s changed?”


Signing our lives away.

I believe that I have mellowed and grown over those 40 years and this has all been due to a mystical combination of God using His Word, my wife, children, wider family and friends to grow me more like the person He wants me to be … and there is still a long, long way to go.

Now I know I wont get another 40 years of marriage this side of heaven but I am looking forward to what God still has in store for us. The journey to this point with its highs and lows, pains and joys has been amazing. I cannot imagine having gotten to this point with anyone else and I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the life partner He has given me.


So today we celebrate 40 years and anticipate a future.

Praise God!


With parents …


and siblings

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4 thoughts on “40 Years Today

  1. mickqhs

    Congratulations Pieter and Hetty on not just “keeping it together” for 40 years but demonstrating to the world that your love reflects the love of Christ; something I call a Sacrament. Of all the things I admire in you both, your commitment to each other is right at the top. It has been a privilege witnessing your relationship grow over all those forty years and to see the way you have expressed your values in your life. As for you having been a “naive, self-centred, arrogant person” 40 years ago I can only say that the beam and the speck was often exchanged between the two of us and I hope both our eyes see clearer now.

  2. Congratulations on 40 years of marriage!

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