Certainty in Uncertainty

After having written about my growing uncertainty about previously held facts and truths, my wife, as is her habit, challenged me to reflect further.  From a Christian perspective what is the value of this uncertainty?  Does it aid the Christian walk?  Does it help us grow?

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We can feel as though we are  tossed about but that need not be the reality

This made me think and ponder even further.  As I stated previously, uncertainty hasn’t weakened or unsettled my faith.  The reality is that it drives me more into “the arms” of God.  It makes me more reliant on Him and increasingly highlights my own inability to know or understand all things.  There is a subtle (or maybe not that subtle) message in our rationalistic age that says we can know and discover all things.  But the old adage is true, “The more we know, the more we know we don’t know.”  Personally I have discovered this to be true and I am at peace with this because I know my Creator.

One more point: I remember years ago a friend was given a chart by his brother of sins and virtues and my friend’s brother was ticking off those virtues he had achieved and those sins he had conquered.  I have found reality to be far different.  The older I have become the more I have discovered that things need to be added to the “sin list”. My heart’s deceptiveness has shown itself more devious than I imagined as a 25 year old.  And my virtues maybe not as virtuous as I thought.  I remember when (a long time ago) for a moment I was quite proud of my humility until the irony of that hit me like a Mack truck.

This again drives me into the arms of a the God who loves me despite my foolish mind games and my uncertainty.

There is certainty but it lies far, far away from me.

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6 thoughts on “Certainty in Uncertainty

  1. mickqhs

    Even the materialist has to yield to uncertainty. Consider the uncertainty principles of quantum physics, or ask yourself what is at the edge of the known universe, what the weather will be like next week, or how many days you have left to live.Perhaps because of the gift of free will, our Creator is deliberately uncertain of our destiny?

  2. Oh Mick! “Free will” You are dangling the bait aren’t you? I have to think a bit more about this one. 🙂

  3. Greater certainty in Christ and less in your own opinions or understanding. Sounds like the better place to stand.

  4. Amen! God responded to Job by asking him 64 questions about creation.
    His reminders surround us, even in the night sky.
    We all need to frequently remind ourselves how great our God is and His love for us through Christ Jesus.

  5. John Ball

    Thanks, Pieter! I’m content to continue with treating the Bible seriously and seeking out good and honest fellowship and worship. But I think the balance between being critical of others who don’t get that and being kinder in my treatment of them is now shifting as I get older. I hope to listen more…

  6. So nice to know I’m not the only one making these kinds of shifts with age! Closely related to the certainty issues is the control issue. The older I get the more I realize that the sense of control I had when I was younger – over all areas of life and my own destiny – is giving way to a greater awareness of how little control we really do have; other than our own personal choices or responses. For me this is leading to more room for greater trust in and surrender to God. Thanks Pieter!

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