Some days are diamonds, some days are coal

Over the years we have had a remarkable run of safe travel. There have been the odd “hairy” moments in traffic and the nights when we haven’t arrived at our accommodation. There was an occasion when our plane was just about to land, and when it was a few metres off the ground it suddenly lurched back into the air under full thrust. We learnt after the German and French explanations that there was another plane on the runway. And there have been times when being together for 24 hours a day was just a fewhours too many.
So having our car broken into and, we estimate, $3000 of camera equipment, presents and souvenirs stolen plus the car damaged, was quite a shock. It occurred in a village that even many of locals hadn’t heard of!
It is true that we are in one piece and the items are relatively unimportant. However I have watched my wife carefully search for things for members of the family and friends – something just right for them. She carefully and lovingly packs them so that they can withstand travel. My camera equipment is easy to replace although not the photos on the cards, but the items purchased in diverse places are impossible to re-collect. That hurts.
The police were great but we pressed this good will. Initially we thought it was a snatch and grab raid on the camera bag, however it was only later that we discovered two other backpacks missing and we had to return to the police station. Their English and our French did not make for an easy conversation. We needed their certificates for the car and our insurance because the receipts were in one of the bags stolen. So we had to persevere.
I have mentioned previously how at moments like that I have learned about myself and my wife. My wife is amazing. She was hurt and teary but straight away went into “this is what we have to next mode” as well as forbidding me to drive for a while because I was seething and anger and I do not mix well. It took me a sleepless and prayerful night to get over that. (I was allowed to drive us back to the campsite but I was watched and monitored like a high security prisoner.)
Each day we pray and each day we are made to realise that we have a God who does care for us – even down to the hairs on our head. And I have to remember that even if the worst does occur, He still cares more than I can ever imagine.  

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9 thoughts on “Some days are diamonds, some days are coal

  1. So very sorry– thinking of you! -Patty (a friend of Kathryn’s)

  2. Kees

    My brother Roland , with wife & two little ones, was robbed in Tanzania. In the middle of the night, men with machetes broke the door down, took everything. So traumatic, Roland couldn’t speak for 24 hours. Had to fetch a policeman and provide him with pencil and paper so that the man could make notes. In the meantime, we dwellers of Kingston count our blessings.

  3. Sorry to hear this.

  4. I am so sorry Mr Stok:(
    I will be thinking about you and your wife:)

  5. Jono Feldman

    This morning the 10S homegroup asked to pray for you and Hetty as some have been following this blog. So we prayed that God would supply your needs, knowing that we pray to a gracious God.

    In other news, Justin is slowly covering your desk with empty mugs.

    Safe travels.

    Jono Feldman

    • Pass on my thanks to the 10Ss for their prayers. We have been with a Christian lady for the last three days who has been a real blessing and has enabled us to recover from the theft. God’s people are an amazing network! This includes 10S.

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