The Final Essay

I have just put the finishing touches on a 3000 word essay. I will give it 24 hours to settle and let all the sediment sink to the bottom and then I will submit it. My wife thinks that I am crackers wanting to jot down a few more words in a blog. But this is a different kind of writing – it is cathartic. After all the criteria, references, notes and details it is enjoyable just sit and unstress the brain with a few freely chosen words.

One thought I had was the difference between university in the late 60s and early 70s to now. I have not even set foot in the university this time.  It has all been online: the readings, the discussions, the essay submissions, the library loans have all been done from behind the keyboard. If this had been the case in 1972 I would have missed all the Vietnam war  and anti apartheid protests. If my memory serves me right Uni seemed like a pit of a million youthful passions back then. It is probably safer behind a keyboard. I only have to hide from any odd jobs the wife may have in store.

This has been my most active semester. As I have written in a previous blog, my attendance to observe and teach a migrant English classes has been quite exhilarating. My comfort zone has been well and truly stretched. An extra 10 hours of classrIMG_0944oom observations and lessons together with extra lesson planning has been quite demanding. I had promised myself, not that long ago, that I wouldn’t put myself under that sort of pressure.  Better try next time.

Oh well. One more review of the essay and then press “submit”. Then in a few weeks time I will get the assessor’s judgement. Now I know how my students feel.




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3 thoughts on “The Final Essay

  1. mickqhs

    Which is more important, “the assessors judgement”, or the judgement on yourself?

  2. I am always tough on myself, but the assessor determines whether I pass or not.

  3. A very good read Mr Stok!

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