A Hospital Virgin


One can just see the attic window at the top of this building (Google Streetview)

I have spent the last 67 and half years trying my utmost to stay out of hospitals. I was born in an attic 4 floors up (home/attic births were all the rage in 1950) and apart from visiting people, I have been able to escape the hospital’s welcome all these years. However, all being well, that record will finish next week. I say “all being well” because, ironically, one needs to be healthy to have a ‘procedure’.

Last year I had an ultrasound and it was discovered that I was pregnant … with bouncing baby(or not so baby) gallstones.

So there are a couple of things for me to reflect on. One has been the rare privilege of not having had to use these facilities up to now when many, from a young age, have known hospital as a second home. I need to thank God for that. Another is that I live in a country that when it is needed these facilities are available. I or my family do not live in Syria where they become a special target for the enemy.

There is another reflection. I don’t like drunkenness or liked things like hypnotism as I argued that it was a poor choice as a Christian to have one’s body under the control of another person or substance. Next week I will be put under so someone else and can cut into me. What do I think about that? The way my gut feels at present it is cheering, “Bring it on!”

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4 thoughts on “A Hospital Virgin

  1. I will remember you before the Lord on this, your journey into virgin territory.

  2. Elly

    Sorry to hear that Pieter! I’ll remember to pray for you and a speedy recovery.
    I’m sure you will have some interesting stories to tell of your sojourn in that dreaded place!
    Was that photo from Rotterdam by the way? Looks very much like where my Oma on Mom’s side lived, Korfmakkerstraat, where my Mom grew up.

    • We lived in the attic. Gerri vande Lindestraat. The exact place. As a two year old I climbed out of that window and crawled along the ledge and then between the roofs. My dad had to get me and he was scared of heights. 😳

  3. jangutz

    The Lifesprings International Team is praying for you! Wishing you a quick recovery and 67 more years of staying out of hospitals! 🙂

    Love in Christ, Janice

    PS) As a person who has been in a seemingly never ending revolving door in and out of the hospital for my family, my self and friends as of late- I agree the less time spent there the better! BUT so thankful for the care and help we have received when we needed it. May you feel God’s love and care in a special way during this experience.


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