Another day on the Camino – a tale of two chickens

We are currently staying in the town (Santo Domingo de la Calzada) that permanently keeps chickens in the Cathedral because of ‘miracles’ that occurred in the Middle Ages. These involved the returning to life of a German pilgrim and the returning to life of two chickens on the bishop’s plate when he refused to believe the original miracle. Added to this I found a in a local church a sign proudly selling plenary indulgences. If I am right last year was the 500th anniversary of the nailing of the 95 theses against indulgences, by Martin Luther.

The returning thought that comes to me is that for most people the Camino to Santiago is a secular trek. The hostels are handy and cheap for accommodation … and it is handy for meeting the opposite sex.

There are however opportunities to explore one’s spirituality. Some hostels take the Christian discipleship dimension seriously. One such Albergue is in Villamayor de Monjardin where the volunteers at the Albergue Hogar Monjardín see hospitality as a crucial part of their discipleship role. They are planning bigger and better ideas for the future.

I need to see these bright lights as otherwise I would become despondent because the Camino would be just another expression of our slide into secularity. It is wonderful to see Christians take opportunities, like the Camino, and step up to the opportunities.

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6 thoughts on “Another day on the Camino – a tale of two chickens

  1. mickqhs

    Wow !
    I like to be indulged.
    Did you buy any?
    Can I have some?
    How much do they cost?
    Do they take Euros?
    Have we moved on in 500 years?
    Are you boasting you are on the side of the enlightened?
    Pity I can’t read Spanish
    Is this a tourist attraction?

  2. mickqhs

    Peter No “Danger” of that. I’ll watch on telly and start cooling the Kilkenny if you are up in the last quarter. Just don’t hurt the little bald guy Mick

    Michael Hanley Lonsdale Views 25 Gill Road, Point Lonsdale, VIC, 3225 03 5258 2146 0419 543 019


    • Wrong Peter?

    • mickqhs

      Yes, wrong person. The other one spells his first name in a weird manner and follows the AFL,
      I’m guessing the fact the Demons play the Cats may not be the dominating thought on the Camino at the moment

  3. Richard Rice

    What a reminder that the Christ of the Reformation is still needing to be preached.

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