Is this something for me?

Written a few days ago.

You may be wondering to yourself, is walking the Camino and staying in Albergues something for me? Let me relate two in incidents.

Last night as I was lying in bed, awake, but with my eyes closed, Hetty witnessed the young woman in the bed next to me getting changed. Her back was facing me but I was oblivious. She then changed for bed, undressing to her g-string briefs. Hetty said the next morning that if my eyes had been open she would have leapt across me to protect my eyes.

The next day, as pilgrims were coming in from their day’s walk, a group of middle aged, portly Frenchmen came into our dorm. They insisted in walking around in their jocks with bellies spilling over. Or as one brother-in-law oft repeated, “there was a large veranda over the tool shed.” The two young women in the beds across from mine didn’t know where to look. Hetty was ready to throw up. One man didn’t get back into pants for ages. The young women fled well before that to save their eyesight.

The accomodation is cheap and there are great moments when you meet people and chat with them but there are also times when one’s sensitivities are pushed to the limit. For me, I would do it again even if my wife has to hurl herself over me to protect me.

Seminario Menor in Santiago but without the g-strings and bellies.

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5 thoughts on “Is this something for me?

  1. Thank you for sparing our eyes, even if our minds are now forever disturbed! 🙂

    • I like to share, Richard!

      • Those Frenchmen weren’t holding back either. One thought he was so good looking he stripped down to his undies on several occasions and lay on his bed with his legs up. A shocking sight! Then he would get dressed, before stripping off again ten minutes later. He was also very slow at putting his undies on. This was happening right in front of me so it was hard to avoid seeing it. The two Korean lasses had their hands over their eyes, laughing quietly.

  2. mickqhs

    At least you are gettting an education…….but then again I can get that sitting in my bath tub at home followed by the warmth of my bed. Ah, the pathways we chose.

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