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Why Poetry?

I was asked the other day,
“Why bother?
Why write poetry?”
Good question.
We can play with words and worlds,
build and shape
amazing images in the mind,
ask questions that puzzle, perturb,
and unsettle.
The poet can arrange
change and change again
until the thought is
precise, pointed, polished.
The joy is in playing,
with sounds
– phonic orchestrations
not worrying
if it is ‘good’
… or ‘bad’.
The wordsmith’s heart
exalts with choruses 
of phrases and words
that books and essays
could never complete.
The thought, the phrase,
idea and pearl
never stand still.
Always morphing
with reading and rereading.
The poet is 
priest and prophet.
Interceding and declaring!
Heralding caution and hope.
Why write poetry?
I’ve only warmed up!
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The Wedding at Cana

A reflection by Hetty on the Wedding at Cana. John 2:1-11

A bystander at the Wedding at Cana: I surely must have had as much to drink as those around me, but the celebrationns are set to continue for a while yet. On observing Jesus talking his mother to task and giving strange orders to the servants, my interest was piqued. How amazing the resulting miracle! Who is this man? Who is he related to? Where can I find out more about him?

To follow Jesus at this point would be to follow a magician, a sideshow.What about when he begins to say things people don’t want to hear? What about when he starts to make demands of me?

Lord, may I grow in my understanding of Jesus day by day. Please give me the faith and courage, not just to know him, but also to follow him, willingly, in obedience.
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