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Encountering Jesus

The following reflection on Matt 8:28-34 comes from my wife, the “Sarah”, in reality, Hetty, in “Travels from Ur”:

It’s a peaceful spot, not too far from town, the ideal place to let the swine wander and graze. Well, most of the time it is. You see, in the tombs up there in Gadarenes there are a couple of wild men. People say they are demon possessed. On this day we saw some other strangers who we now know were Jesus the Nazarite and his disciples. I’d heard of him and I should have recognized him when those two wild men started shouting at him and he ordered their demons to leave them. He’s known for that kind of thing.

Well, I have nothing against that man for giving those two their lives back and it’s not everyday that you witness such a miracle right before your eyes. But it is the other thing that he did that really angered us. The demons asked him to send them into OUR pigs. Can you believe it?! And then once our herd was filled with demons it ran straight down the bank and into the lake. Every one of the pigs drowned! Utterly gobsmacked, us herders took off in the other direction – into town, and there we told anyone who’d listen what Jesus had done. A whole posse of townsfolk  went back to the “scene of the crime.” Jesus and his followers were still in the field. Once the townies had established what had happened via a whole barrage of questions, they had an impromptu town council meeting. then they asked Jesus to leave. And I say, “Fair enough! He ruined our livelihood. he ruined our lives.”

Lord. let me not only see what I may have lost because of my encounter with you. May I continually count the blessings you have bestowed on me. May my following you be about giving back to you, in gratitude, for all I have received.
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