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Taking a PE Class

There are times
when my pedagogic versatility
is limited.
As when
I am asked to take
a PE class.
My age,
hand-eye coordination
my lack of passion
all conspire against me.
To run, jump
throw and kick
without any evident purpose
inspire no joy –
no thrill
in my soul.
The scores,
shots for goal,
dashes to the finish and
shouts of elation,
leave me,
But when a perfect word,
articulate phrase or
beautiful sentence
springs to life
in a student’s hand,
my heart rises and
soul sings.
This IS life!
This IS being truly human!
Animals can run faster,
fish swim further and
birds fly higher,
But only we,
bring ideas,
and thoughts,
wisdom and dreams
to vibrant life …
with Words.
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Bible and Other Readings for a Walk

My wife has set me a challenge. She wants me to come up with a series of Bible and other related readings for the Camino we will be travelling on in April. (I explain this in a previous post: Walking)

I’d love to hear from people who have good suggestions to add to our list. What Bible and devotional readings can you think of to encourage a physical and spiritual walk, as well as an appreciation of God’s creation?

So far I have:

Day One
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Psalm 84
New Testament: Matthew 4:18-25
  1. What is the overall emotion of Psalm 84? Why? How would that translate for the NT Christian?
  2. What are the implications for us from the Matt passage?
  3. Are there things you wish to discover on the Santiago pilgrimage?
Other readings:
Who would true valour see by John Bunyan (From Pilgrim’s Progress)
Day Two
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Ruth 1
New Testament: Acts 9:1-19
  1. In Ruth and Paul’s experiences there are parallels and differences. Are they important for us to understand?
  2. Is there anything for the C21st Christian to discover from Ruth’s life?
  3. How is god revealed in these two passages?
Other readings:
The Passionate Man’s Pilgrimage
By Sir Walter Raleigh
Day Three
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Psalm 121
New Testament: Acts 10
  1. How does Cornelius reveal himself to be an exceptional man?
  2. Are there ways in which Psalm 121 can be an encouragement on your pilgrimage?
  3. How can this pilgrimage be seen as a metaphor for our lives?
Other readings:
A Pilgrim was I
Day Four
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Gen 12:1-9
New Testament: Matt 2;13-18
  1. What lessons are there in Abram’s and Jesus’ Families journeys, for us?
  2. How are faith and hope revealed?
Other readings:
A LOVE SONG by Saint Teresa of Avila
Day Five
Bible Readings:
Old Testament:Judges 4:1-10
New Testament: Matt 9:9-14
  1. Pilgrimages are often/usually calls to go against the flow. How do these two passages illustrate that?
  2. How are we called to go against the flow?
Other readings:
Anima Christi – C14th Prayer
Day Six
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Psalm 122
New Testament: Philippians 2: 12-18
  1. Spend time reflecting on these passages and considering both the joys and struggles of our daily pilgrimage.
Other readings:
O Happy Band Of Pilgrims 
Day Seven
Bible Readings:
Old Testament: Ezra 1:1-8
New Testament: Luke 18:15-17
  1. What is the yearning that drives the exiles? How can that inspire us?
  2. How can we encourage our children to see life as a pilgrimage rather than an end in itself?
Other readings:
He that is down needs fear no fall,
John Bunyan

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