Easter Sunday in Santiago

Today was Easter Sunday and we were in Santiago witnessing how the Catholic Church firing on all cylinders does it. Many words can describe it: spectacular, rich, all involving. The ritual was dramatic and beautifully presented. The robes were rich, the processional figures spectacular and the story well told. People of all ages were involved. The Bible story was told in detail.

With my very limited knowledge of Spanish, it was obvious that the gospel was proclaimed. But something was missing. I’ll write more about that later.

Then we started for the south via Portugal. We camped north of Lisbon.

Today, Monday, we marched on south as we want to see the southern cities of Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz and Granada. We went via a town in Portugal called ” Elvas” with a most amazing viaduct. We have arrived in Seville after finding a camping ground. The gps worked well but the camping grounds didn’t exist with our first two tries. Tomorrow we will visit Seville.


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6 thoughts on “Easter Sunday in Santiago

  1. John & Lin

    Well done for all this – we’re enjoying keeping in touch, and looking forward to seeing you! We probably had a quieter Easter but that was all good.

  2. phew, I feel your pain (of all that walking), hopefully trains & buses form now on. Thanks for sharing your experiences of what was a very different (but the same) Easter. We have fond memories of our visit to southern Spain esp. Cordoba & Granada.
    un viaje seguro

  3. Jo van der schoor

    I have just read the chapter in Pilgromage. It ended with this..You are not the same when you return as when you started out.Your very soul is on the move…
    may this be true for you both. Love Jo

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