Some (lighted hearted) Observations Made On OurTrip – So Far

1. On our journeys we have come to the conclusion that it was an EU directive that every Pole acquire a semi trailer. Why else would there be on many on European roads?
2. It is a rule, it seems, that every Norwegian must own a tractor. If he or she can’t afford a tractor, a small digger will have to suffice. If you see the amount of snow in Norway, this rule explains itself.
3. In Spain, every male over 70 must drive a Max car. This 2stroke machine has a top speed of 35 kph. It may only be driven on bike tracks, back roads, suburban streets, highways – in fact wherever they wish, especially during peak hours.
4. Another rule seems to be that every Dutchman must have two bikes – one for home and the other to strap on the back of the camper ( not a prerequisite but highly encouraged).
5. The traffic lights in France are only suggestions. Often they don’t work, so why bother to obey them anyway. The local councils also have a programme to make them as inconspicuous as possible.
6. Indicator lights on Saabs do not work in Sweden. Amazing as it may seem, I have only seen a slight flicker from one light – and that may have been the sun’s reflection.
7. You know it’s cold when the skidoos are parked next to the house and the trailers have skis.

You may have “observations” to add.

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One thought on “Some (lighted hearted) Observations Made On OurTrip – So Far

  1. Lovely musings!

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