Stave Churches

Over these last few days we have pursued a passion of mine – Stave Churches. These churches are between 800 and a 1000 years old. Thousands were build but only a few remain. Being wooden, from the floor to the roof tiles, they required a lot of attention. Those that remain, still do. The photo of the Borgund church, shows one of the most original churches, and it is preserved in a tar like substance.

With dragons on the roof and high soaring towers, they picture a period when people were moving from pagan gods to Christianity.

It is very easy to be critical of this syncretism but how many of our 21st century values do we incorporate “seamlessly” into our faith – uncritically. Even though these churches are now tourist attractions, it is encouraging to see, in many places, a living and active contemporary church building near by.

Below are:
1. The Kaupanger Stave Church
2. The Borgund Stave Church
3. The Roldal Stave Church
4. The Heddal Stave Church





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2 thoughts on “Stave Churches

  1. Jo van der schoor

    Beautiful photos. I saw snow! Hope the tent is keeping you warm at night. JO

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