Jamtli Museum Ostersunde

Every now and then special, unexpected moments occur. I had wanted to see the Jamtli regional museum in central Sweden. It is renown for its outdoor and indoor displays of local history.

Hetty went to the door to check on times only to find we were an hour early. However, a small group was waiting for a private tour and we were invited along. For two hours we were honorary members of an Illinois Rotary Club. Marlyn, the Swedish guide gave us an informative tour of both the collection of regional buildings and the museum. As there were a number of teachers, the 1895 school room with its sand topped desks on which to practice writing, was quite a hit.

The museum is of a standard for others to note. It has a number of key qualities: an aesthetic beauty, educational focus, it is hands on and fun for children, it has academic rigor and its own archeologists, and embraces community groups. The displays are creative and breath taking. The display of a tapestry, older than the Bayeux Tapestry, is simple and effective. Sami culture is displayed as well as a great collection of Viking artifacts.

This museum is in a fairly remote town of 25000 people (60000 in the local area) and employs 130 people and double that in the Summer when the outside museum comes alive. Simply said, it is a tribute to the community. There is a message in this for my own home town.


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3 thoughts on “Jamtli Museum Ostersunde

  1. Kik

    Are you talking about Rotterdam, Ocean Grove or Geelong? Actually, I know the answer to that question.
    Sounds like a great place. If I move to Sweden, I’ll put it on my list.

  2. It’s nice to read that you enjoyed Jamtli. I used to live in Östersund, and always recommended my guests from abroad or other towns to visit the museum.

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