Following Directions

Direct me in the path of your commands, 
    for there I find delight.  Psalm 119:35

When we were on the Camino in northern Spain the route was relatively easy to follow. There were signs, markers and arrows all along the way. When we did get lost it was usually quite easy to get back on track.

We got to our destination, Santiago, because we actively wanted to follow the signs. We looked out for them. They were our “life-line” and if we got lost we would back-track until we found the signs and then continue on our way. The key was following the signs because we knew that if we went on our own we would get desperately lost. We didn’t know the country or the language.

Our Christian walk is not that dissimilar. We need to actively seek God’s directions: His way. If we don’t, we will get hopelessly lost. Psalm 119 is a “hymn” to those directions. Verse after verse speaks of God’s word being “a light on my path” and whose statutes are our “counsellors”.

What is required from us is the faith to realise our need for those “directions”. That without them there is no hope. No matter how clever we think we are, there is no substitute for the Word of God and the life it offers.

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