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Worship or Entertainment?

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I was listening to some secular music that came from my daughter’s collection. Some of the music had the feel and sound of contemporary worship songs. This led me to thinking how many modern Christian songs have a main stream sound. (Don’t even get me started on the “Jesus is my boy friend” style lyrics!)┬áNow don’t get me wrong. I believe music is a God’s gift to man and has a wide range of functions from worship, education , to entertainment. The question that crossed my mind however was, “Is it appropriate to use worship songs as entertainment or background music (musak) when essentially our minds are engaged elsewhere?” Does this use of Christian music honour God?

To be honest I am very uncomfortable when we use worship songs as part of the background noise of our lives without taking notice of what the words are declaring. Worship is giving God the honour that is His due. We do that with our hearts and lives and with our work and quiet moments. Is it right then to treat music and words so glibly?

Sometimes when I am in my car by myself and there is worship music playing it can be a special moment. God draws me close and my heart is lifted towards Him. That is because I am having time alone with God – nothing is distracting the attention that God deserves. But am I wrong in thinking that there are moments in the hurley-burley of our lives when using worship songs as fill in noise, is not appropriate?

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