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Communication – making the “body” connections

SPAIN (40)I am not a good communicator. Let me rephrase that. I am not good at keeping communication channels open. This weekend two friends phoned whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a long time. The mere fact that they phoned showed me that I had a place in their lives. I feel guilty that the idea to phone hadn’t come from me.

One friend came from the my days at High School (see the recent blog, “Queenscliff and the field of memories”. He is one of the friends who were “figments” of my imagination) and the other had been at theological college with me and later we served churches around Brisbane.

Both these calls meant (and still mean) a lot to me. They reminded me that I have, we have, significance in each others lives. That is the way God intended us to be. That is the way He made us. We were meant for community. As human beings we are only fulfilled when we are in a body – specifically the body of Christ. Here I am not necessarily speaking of institutional churches, which can become obsessed with programs and rules, but interconnected networks of Christians revealing the many facets of Christ and His Kingdom to the world.

Christ doesn’t just come to us through the Word or Holy Spirit, (as miraculous and amazing as that is!)  but also through each other. Here I  have been remiss but these two friends revealed aspects of God: concern, encouragement, love and challenge, that can only happen in true community.

Of late I have had a tendency to withdraw. My two friends, unintentionally, yet powerfully, reminded me that I am not really complete, and the body isn’t complete until my piece of the puzzle fits into the greater jigsaw called the body of Christ.

Thank you brothers.

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Early one morning

It is going to be a hot day today so I got up early and watered the garden. The air was still and the neighbourhood very quiet. The only thing spoiling the serenity was my own water pump whirring away.

When I got back inside the family, including those who have flown or driven in for Christmas, were still asleep – or pretending to be.

I started counting my blessings – big and small. We can often be so obsessed with money and material things, but there are so many small things, or should I say “non material” things to be thankful for: a family that enjoys coming home, their love for each other, the banter and retelling of their lives, family jokes and gentle teasing … God is good!

Dear God, thank you for slowing me down and reminding me what us truly precious.

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