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A New Beginning

Today, Saturday, is 7 weeks since two of my daughters lost most of their possessions in an arson attack on the house they were renting. Lord willing, they will move into their own home today. The teams are set to clean the new house and others are moving “redeemed” belongings and new ones into their home.

It has been a time of learning. Did you know there are things called smoke sponges that act like smoke erasers on hard surfaces such as wooden furniture and book covers.? I didn’t. I do now! Plastic and rubber breathes in the smoke and you might as well throw it away.

I learned things about myself. The “old nature” is not as “dealt with” as I thought it was. Revenge, often cloaked as “justice” came to the surface frequently – particularly as I was trying to clean a loved item or the acrid smell of a smoky piece of furniture assaulted the nose. My thoughts were not fit for publication!

I also learned that exhaustion can take many forms and in some ways physical exhaustion is not the worst.

Another lesson re-learned is that God doesn’t waste any opportunities to sanctify us:

Image courtesy:  System Hygiene

Image courtesy: System Hygiene

polishing us up to be more like Jesus. So if I have been scrubbing hard, God has been scrubbing harder!

So enough of this writing … It is time to work.

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