James Bond and Faith

In an article, “James Bond and Faith”, Mark Roques (http://www.realitybites.org.uk/worldviews.php) states:

Worldviews are best understood as the dreams, longings and ambitions that get people out of bed in the morning. For some people it is naked profit. For others it’s the destruction of Her Majesty’s enemies. Still others crave status and celebrity. Some Buddhists are desperate to avoid reincarnation. Worldviews are the ‘spectacles behind our eyes’ – we look at the world through them, not at them. Worldviews can be compared to secret agents. Often they are invisible and elusive.

The point that Mark makes very well (read the whole piece at the above web address) is that everyone has a world view, whether they admit it or not.

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2 thoughts on “James Bond and Faith

  1. Will duwe

    Thats interesting. I was very surprised the other day reading about how some astronauts were profoundly affected and thought of the world very differently after they had seen it from space.

  2. … I suppose it is like a westerner going to an impoverished country. Perspective changes.

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