Finding News in Other Places

Yesterday I suggested seeking alternative sources for news. Below is a very small cross section of the places one can go. You may wish to suggest others. There are both Christian and secular websites referenced. The point is simple: in this Internet age there are websites as well bloggers on the ground who can inform us across a wider spectrum and remove us from the need to source our news exclusively from the commercial news giants. After all my aim in life is not to make Rupert Murdock, for one, richer and even more influential.

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7 thoughts on “Finding News in Other Places

  1. Ron Koerntjes

    Hi Pieter,
    The news sites/blogs I regularly haunt are:
    Secular with a Christian slant;
    Andrew Bolt
    Tim Blair
    American Thinker
    World Net Daily
    Atlas Shrugs
    The Blaze
    Creation Ministries International
    Walid Shoebat
    American Prophet

  2. Thanks Ron a great collection … apart from our fellow countryman. 🙂

  3. Ron Koerntjes

    Interesting. Which of our countrymen are you refering to. Andrew Bolt or Tim Blair?

    • I was referring to Andrew Bolt – whose parents were Dutch.

      • Ron Koerntjes

        Got it, missed the countryman clue. I’m curious to know the reason(s) you seem to have a problem with Andrew Bolt such that you would exclude him from the collection. I’ve generally found his comments to be accurate and reasonably put.

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree.:)

      • Ron Koerntjes


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