Footsteps Past

footstepsThe footsteps
of those who have
walked before
are often deep and weary.

These footprints,
impressed by
burdens and loads
are beyond
my ken.

My thankfulness
is not always
My remembrance
not always
In fact,
my steps
over distant memories
and fragile treasures.

Past ghosts,
and careless disregard
of paths forged
that speed my journey.

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2 thoughts on “Footsteps Past

  1. Indeed we must pay tribute and be grateful for our Christian heritage even when it is more than 600 years old

    • Ah Mick (qhs) I am not the callow youth you knew nearly 50 years ago. He has mellowed a lot! Some of my favourite authors go back before that time when the church divided. Recently I reflected that the ills that took 1500 years in the Catholic church took less than 500 years in the Protestant churches. Indulgences or Prosperity gospel is simply greed by another name.

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