And He Was There

Image: Courtesy, Wikipedia

Image: Courtesy, Wikipedia

What does God see when He sees us worshipping?

And He Was There

  1. Worshipping when I was younger – mid last century

There was a custom and tradition

that, years ago, meant

meeting twice

on the Sunday.

Morning AND evening –

starting the day and closing the day

with God.

Best suits,

hats and dresses:

“No corduroy son!

Would you meet the queen in that!”

My father barked.


The worship,

like the pews, was stern and formal.

Faces serious and

attention strict, as eyes

focussed forward.

Fidgeting children were pinched,

prodded and glared into conformity.


And God was there

in the droning, reverie inducing words,

everlasting musty organ hymns,


and Eau de Cologned hankies.


And He was there

when the bread was broken

and the wine sipped

during the quarterly


when I was left behind

for a moment’s freedom.


And He was there

As I counted the

Organ pipes,

Bannister rails

And made mind pictures

With the patterns of the wooden ceiling.

And later,

He was still there

when I stumblingly

declared my youthful faith.

And despite my fear induced amnesia,

He was there

when I declared my love for my bride.

And He was there when our children

received His promises

in baptism.



He was there.

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2 thoughts on “And He Was There

  1. mickqhs

    Funny how my recollections have s similar tone to this although stemming from a different church.
    Is there a common thread of a baby boomer trying to reconcile the past with the present and being aware of God’s omnipresence? I appreciate you trying to put your childhood experiences into perspective. So many Christians would rather reject or belittle those experiences rather than incorporate them as a building block to a mature faith.

  2. Hi Mick, I have pondering your words considering the different backgrounds we come from. It is interesting that for children our experiences are are largely the same even if the adults had widely different agendas at the time. I agree that they are all part of the building process but considering the loss of people, particularly the young, in churches today it must be time to be more intentional with our children and grandchildren.

    P.S. I told one of my senior classes the other day the story of the day that I decided that I was God and that you and the rest were mere figments of my imagination. They fell about laughing and added that I hadn’t changed much. I was offended.

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