Madrid and Mission part 2m

As I have mentioned previously, Hetty and I are contemplating “mission” as I come to the close of my paid working life. What should/could it look like? Where? How? Why? Questions come pouring out every time we consider it.

We started thinking about Spain many years ago when a man offered me a tract in Guell Park in Barcelona. I dismissively said that I couldn’t read Spanish. He replied, “I have one in Eengleesh sir.” I had to take it then. Later when I looked at it I found that it came from an evangelical group in Barcelona. I returned to the man, told him that I was a Christian, thanked him and said I would pray for Christianity in Spain. We have prayed for Spain ever since and when we visit I make it a practice to visit churches and pray for the leaders and congregatIon.

Spain has been in our hearts ever since. We return when we can, we pray for it often and we find there is a draw that is greater than the food, climate and culture. We like the people. There are problems however; the biggest being that we don’t speak Spanish beyond “tapas”, “queso” and “paella.”

So we are at the point now of badgering God about the meaning of all this. We have discovered that there are many vibrant Christians seeking a renewal/revival in Spain. Our question: is there a role for us in this?

Plaza Espana on a Sunday afternoon

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5 thoughts on “Madrid and Mission part 2m

  1. John Ball

    That’s sounds really important and we’ll pray with you as you develop ideas. As you know, the Spanish evangelical church has always been small. I did go to an indigenous Spanish language one once, many years ago – I think in Madrid when I visited the Bible Society. Couldn’t describe where it is, as I was taken there by the General Secretary.
    I guess that English-speaking churches will be mainly for expatriates.
    We have friends on the Costa Blanca who attend an English expatriate protestant church, but of course, they are all of a certain age and mostly Brits.

    • Thanks John. We have three quite different contacts: one person setting up a Christian school for Spanish children but teaching in English, another working with pilgrims on the Camino and a third involved in a mainly expat church. All appeal in different ways. On this trip we have met with them all which hasn’t made it any easier.

  2. Richard Rice

    I’ve found it better never to travel outside of Jerusalem … unless you want to hear Him call you to Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

  3. Kees Wierenga

    Maybe the teachers need a teacher who can show them that Matthew 28 makes a lot more sense when you understand Leviticus 16 and the connection to Matthew 27 – so much more sense that it enables Matthew 28. A good Reformed man like you is in a prime position to show connections like this and take away what the Dutch call bij-geloof.

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