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A Day in the Garden

Finally, after a number of wet weekends, I had an early start and got into the garden. I was reminded once again that rain and warmth equals luxuriant growth – particularly for weeds.

A while back after spending many hours in back breaking weeding, I made the comment that I wanted a word with Eve when I got to Heaven. A friend ( a lady) said I would have to stand in line behind all the women before I had my turn to say my piece. I was put in my place!

The garden is a place of two truths, One truth is the miracle of creation and its beauty. There are flowers, trees and shrubs of infinite shades, colours, shapes and sizes. I am always amazed at what I hadn’t noticed before. I love being out there. It is a place of respite after a busy head filled week. The other truth, though, is the reality of brokenness and sin. Plants die, there are pests that destroy them and then there are the weeds that run rampant and choke anything in their path.

This tension between beauty and ugliness is a metaphor for our lives. There is much to rejoice over, and sadly, much to sorrow over. For the Christian, the beauty is also a reminder that Christ has a place for us – a new weedless and pestless heaven and earth. In fact, we are there with him now (Eph 2). Still, we are also here dealing with our own sin and that of those around us.

But for me, the garden is a place of hope (usually) and it helps me look forward with a real sense of joy. So I had better stop rambling and get out there again.

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