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The Visit

The doors were tall and dark,
The handle ominous.
A suited gent
extended a hand
with a made up smile
that tweeked his lips.
Thank you.
Cautiously we wandered in.
Hushed mirmurs.
Which seat?
There is a cushion there,
and a book.
Lets take a chance.
The space dribbled full.
well, fullish.
Pipe organ rumbled the building
Men filed in.
One man ascended.
Songs, and words, 
A long word.
Songs and words
alternated again.
Hands lifted.
(One set. At the front)
Amen declared.
And people made
for the doors.
Eyes averted,
Shoes inspected.
Ah, fresh air again.
The service is over.
Time for Coffee.
Want one?
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Comfortable Church

 To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus …                 1 Peter 1:1

Currently I am reading 1 Peter. The book begins with 3 conditions: the church are “elect”, “strangers” and “scattered”. The first speaks of the Christian’s relationship with God but the other two indicate that the church was living on the edge. The church in Asia Minor were living a tough life of persecution. They were on the fringes of society and certainly not   part of the Roman mainstream

They didn’t have big buildings or budgets, large music teams, large staff and the budget to match. Yet the church at this time was effective.

There are many themes woven through Peter’s epistle, but the one thought I want to reflect on at this time is: Is the Western Church today too dependent on structures and programmes rather than living the nitty, gritty coal face Christianity that is reflected in 1 Peter?  Then, if it was more like the early church, would it be more effective?

I would love to have your thoughts.

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