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A Week Before School Starts

It is a week before school starts,
So the cogs are slowly winding up,
Gearing up for the business/busyness
that is a “school year”.
“Curricula,” check.
“Course Outlines” (nearly) check.
“Resources”, always looking.
“Class lists”, check.
“Ah! ‘X’ is in my class.
That will interesting for him
and me.
The time table,
Yard duty,
The marking,
The discipline,
Those annoying sports days and 
assemblies …
and parent meetings.
Diaries and homeroom. 
Uniforms and chewing gum.
Is that what the new school year is about?
Or is it …
mentoring and example,
words of encouragement 
and correction;
Growth and matuity
for both student and teacher.
Discovering gifts, talents and purpose 
and crucially,
a destiny.
In all,
revealing our place
in God’s kingdom
and under His rule.
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