Geneva – The Heart of the Reformation

Today was a fabulous day for a Calvinist lad. Hetty (not hefty – certainly not after walking 125 kms) and I went to Geneva. We visited the old city where there is a museum dedicated to the Reformation. It was informative, well laid out and we could have spent the whole day there. It narrated the story of the Reformation, its issues and its key people. There was material for all ages, including audio and visual presentations. I found the last room, which presented Protestant worship around the world, very moving. But we didn’t stay all day!

Next to the museum is St Peter’s Cathedral under which, is the most incredible area of archeology I have ever seen. The detailed information, the extent of the work, the overview from the 1st century to more recent years and the presentation, was an unexpected delight. Any person who loves archeology and visits Geneva must go. The whole set up is Swiss efficiency at its best. The same can’t be said of the Post Office which was a rigmarole at its best, or is it worst? The museum and archeology visit also allowed us up the towers of St Peter’s. This must be one of the best views of Geneva!

Finally we went to the Reformation monument – a giant facade representing the key players in the Reformation. A very powerful message, which sadly, doesn’t get heard in modern Europe.


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4 thoughts on “Geneva – The Heart of the Reformation

  1. I so appreciate your passion and thanks so much for sharing this post with us. Blessings to you.

  2. John & Lin

    We’ve been there and stood by the monument! But sadly didn’t know of the museum. Look forward to hearing more about that!

  3. You’re causing me to stumble in jealousy! : ) I’d love to visit there some day, thanks for sharing!

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