Bibliophilia and Wisdom from the Past

I am a self confessed bibliophile. I love books! The oldest I have is “A History of the Work of Redemption” by Jonathan Edwards printed in 1788 (the year Australia was settled by Europeans). My edition was published a number of years after his death.

This book is difficult to read, only because the “s” is printed like an “f”. As you you read you find yourself reading with a distinct lisp!

However the content is sublime. In this book Edwards, methodically and meticulously, unpacks the story of redemption from ‘the fall’, to the return of Christ. It is a sobering contrast to many of the modern Christian books which attempt to be self help manuals or psychological counsellors.

Edwards unpacks Scripture and shows how it promised Christ and how it reveals the work of Christ in all its perfection and completeness. His challenge to the people of his age, and to us, is to be ready and prepared for the king’s return.

If you wish to read the works of Edwards online, makes them available. I humbly suggest that there is more potent truth for today in this book from 250 years ago than in some, if not many, of the titles published today.

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2 thoughts on “Bibliophilia and Wisdom from the Past

  1. I am so jealous! What a gem…I will take you up on your suggestion and read this classic. I have read Edwards before, but not this particular work. Thank you for the Sunday morning blessing! I love books too, and the classics are poignant and prophetic even today! As you stated, a lot of today’s books are cheesy, but also there are many incredible books to be had as well….BUT most of them are restating what has already been written in a previous works years and years before. Example: “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan is good, but “The Holy Spirit” by RA Torrey is better; “Not a Fan” is good, but “The Pursuit of God” by Tozer is better, Max Lucado is good but Thomas Merton is better… A few exceptions would be anything by the author/prophet Graham Cooke (incredible if you haven’t read his work) and Eldridge (notably “The Sacred Romance” and “Waking the Dead”).
    Have a blessed week, and may God grant you peace.

    • Yes, I may have overstated my case. But we shouldn’t forget the treasures of the past. Thank you for your comments. Appreciated!

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