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The Baby – A Calling

Following the path
of God incarnate
the child enters
into life
with genetic markers
stumbling parents
future choices.
her calling
is clear and sharp.
She cries praise to God,
and gazes in amazement
at every light and face,
movement and sound.
Wonder fills her eyes
as her mouth explores shape
and texture
while arms and hands
flail with random abandon.
She will be taught
in time
but now
she teaches us
the naïve joy of life
and newness
trust and hope.
She preaches a gurgling word
straight from the Maker.
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Gelert’s Grave

Grover overcome with emotion at Gelert’s grave. This was before he heard the truth.

In Beddgelert (meaning Gelert’s Grave) in Wales there is a beautiful memorial to a faithful dog. The story is that Lord Llywelyn came home to find his baby son missing from his crib and the family dog covered with blood. In a fit of rage he killed the dog only to hear a cry come from his son whom he found unharmed alongside a dead wolf the dog had killed.

There is a grave and a small memorial in the town. The only problem is that the story was  a sentimental piece of fiction and the grave a creation of an C18 publican who wanted to encourage tourism to the town.

Clever spin is not new. Before newspapers, paintings were created of events and poems and ballads written so that the public would be given an image that the leaders of the day wanted the populace to believe: one that support their case.

The Bible is not spin. It has been tested by historians and archaeologists, dissected by theologians and time and time again it is not found wanting. In fact the reverse is true. It shines a light on us and we, humanity, are found wanting. No wonder people, time and time again, seek to discredit it.

But John 8:32 says it all:  “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The story of the Saviour promised in the Old testament and delivered in the  New Testament is an amazing recounting of God’s coherent plan for His people. No spin. No concoction. Always consistent and coherent.

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