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The Death of Innocence

Lately I have been exploring the “calling”, “vocation” or “office” of children, that is, the the role they have in the plans of God and His people. We know they need to be disciplined and taught but children also have a role in reminding us of faith, trust and wonder – among other things.

Our society in recent generations has been destroying that naivety. Our children are becoming old before their time. As I write this a local retail chain is being criticised for selling “tramp” or “hooker” style clothes for young girls. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

The challenge for Christian homes is to allow children to grow up at a pace that is wise, healthy and godly. This pace allows the child to comprehend faith with a sense of wonder and certainty without the cynicism and crassness of the world cascading in. I know the early years of family life with young children can be tense and busy, but take time to allow your children to be in awe of God and to explore faith in a positive environment.

I know we can’t hold the world’s ideas back from our homes, but we can use those crucial early years to prepare our children for the onslaught.

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