Report Writing Time

The discordant output of
youthful recorder players
wafts in through the open windows;
Students busily tapping keyboards 
and scratching pens on paper;
Older students regretting the wasted evenings;
Others rushing to teachers’ offices
in a last minute flurry; 
Teachers with stress lines etched like road maps
on their tired faces;
Tolerance rubbed thin
by demands and expectations
exams and essays;
The sun’s warmth beckons 
for Summer to come quickly,
but the “to do” list is too long to notice
its invitation …
It must be “Report Writing Time”!
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4 thoughts on “Report Writing Time

  1. Will Duwe

    Would you like me to locate the big red fail stamp for you?

  2. Love it! Oh sooooooo glad I’m retired!

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